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       Film Production Resume

  • IATSE Local 490 Political Coordinator, Sept 2021 - present

  • 2021 Board Member for Minnesota Women in Film and TV (MNWIFT)

  • Staff for Twin Cities Film Fest (Social Media, Hosting Q&A's, Red Carpet managing/execution) - yearly since 2014

  • I was featured on the St. Paul Filmcast podcast, where I spoke about my involvement with the Twin Cities Film Fest, and my thoughts on other film-related topics. Click Here to listen

Producer for TV/Commercials/Music Videos:

  • Discover St. Louis Park Summer Website Videos, Dir. Andres Parra, June 2019

Producer for Independent Short Film:

  • Every Time We Meet At The Dairy Queen Your Whole Fucking Face Explodes, Shock Treatment Productions, Dir. Anthony Cousins, July 2019


Production Coordinator For Independent Feature Film:

  • Charcoal Skies, Melody, Guy and Clark, Dir. Bill Cooper, May-June 2021

  • The Fence and The Fox, Propellant Media, Dir. Matt Osterman, May-Oct 2019

  • Hunting Blind (POC), Dir. Keenan O'Reilly, Jan 2019


Production Coordinator For TV and Commercials:

  • Daily Pay for Target, Lotus Pictures, Dir. Mike Aspite, Nov 2019

  • MN Health Fairview, Friends & Neighbors, Dir. Alison Klayman, Aug 2019

  • Best Buy, Studio @ Gizmodo, The Onion Labs, Dir. Mike Fox, Aug 2019

  • VeriSight for Philips, RBA Productions, Dir. Rock Andrews, Nov 2018

1st Assistant Director For Independent Feature Film:

  • Betta Fish, Dir. Bill Cooper, June 2018

  • The Dawn, Jaguar Cinema, Dir. Brandon Slagle, Jan-Feb 2018

  • Wendigosis, Filmusichaos, Dir. Jack and Kitty Norton, Jan-Feb 2017

  • Miles Between Us, iiFilms, Dir. Andrew Hunt, July-Aug 2015

  • American Beast, PhyloFilms, Dirs. Taylor Olson and Livingston Oden March ‘13-March ’14

  • The Current, iiFilms, Dir. Nikita Zubarev, June-Aug 2012


1st Assistant Director For Independent Short Film:

  • You Are Here, Dir. Jason Schumacher, GreyDuck Productions, Nov 2019

  • The Cruise, Dir. Richard Louprasong, Snippet Edits, Oct 2019

  • They Return, Dir. Carlos De Leon, BOME Productions, Sept 2019

  • Invocation, Dir. Paul von Stoetzel, Killing Joke Films, Jan 2019

  • Girl Stuff, Dir. Jon Enge, Mars Rising Films, Jan 2019

  • The Van Deusen's, Dir. Toussaint Morrison, Nov 2018 (webseries)

  • The Night He Came Back Again! Part IV : The Final Kill, Shock Treatment Productions, Dir. Anthony Cousins, Sept 2018

  • Kill Me, Restraining Hollywood, Dir. John Karsko, Aug 2018

  • Rest Stop, Red23Films, Dir. Sean Skinner, Dec 2017

  • Tourvall II: Into the Darkness, Red23Films, Dir. Sean Skinner, Dec 2016

  • Roshambo!, Red23Films, Dir. Dan Delano, Nov 2015

  • Re: Fight Me, Red23Films, Dir. Sean Skinner, Nov 2015

  • The Memories of Eddie Stone, Dir. Shane Meuwissen, Jan 2014

  • The Yenam Parable, Red23Films, Dir. Sean Skinner, Dec 2013

1st Assistant Director For TV/Commercials/Music Videos:

  • The Runaway Nun, Found Women Ep. 1, Dir. Jennifer Kramer, Nov 2019

  • Found Women (POC), Dir. Jennifer Kramer, May 2019

  • June, John Chuck and The Class, Music Video, Dir. Andrew Hatling, May 2019

  • Goodwill Easter Seals MN, FSTR, Dir. Kvin Bennett, Dec 2017


2nd Assistant Director For Independent Feature Film:

  • The Soviet Sleep Experiment, MOGO Media, Dir. Barry Anderrson, Dec 2018

  • The Harbinger, Veteran Films LLC, Dir. Will Klipstine, April-May 2018

2nd Assistant Director For Independent Short Film:

  • Loft 202, TruFilm Media Productions LLC, Dir. Antonette Trussoni, March 2018

2nd Assistant Director For TV and Commercials:

  • Twins Community Fund, Regional Commercial, 8th Street Productions, Dir. Jon Nowak, May 2016

Office Production Assistant for Commercials:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield #2241-19, RSA Films, Dir. Anna Sandilands, July 2019

  • Jiffy Lube Video Series "Tips in a Jiffy", Double-Wide 360, Dir. Craig Teper, May 2017

Set Production Assistant for TV, Reality Shows, Commercials, Music, and Educational Videos:

  • House Hunters, Episode 18801, Pie Town Production, Producer: Susan Hull, Sept 2019

  • Celebrity IOU, Episode 103, Scott Brothers Entertainment, Dir. Len Webber, Aug 2019

  • Toyota Motor NA Commercial Series, Square Planet Media, Dir. Tim Damon, June 2019

  • So You Think You Can Dance, St. Paul Packages for Season 19, SYTYCD Fox, April 2019

  • Brand USA 2.0 American Sound Campaign- Minneapolis, Mustache Agency, Dir. Kevin Mastman, Oct 2018

  • Heart of Darkness, Tru Crime, Talos Films, Producer: Chris Van Cleef, Sept 2018

  • Bridezillas Season 12, Dani L, Triage LLC, Production Manager: Devil Roessler, Sept 2018

  • Adidas, Crossover Commercial, Bleacher Report, Dir. Steve Armato, Aug 2018

  • Unprotected Sets, EPIX Comedy Show, CJ Worldwide, Dir. Ramy Romany, Aug 2018

  • Bridezillas Season 12, Elaine H, Triage LLC, Production Manager: Devin Roessler, Aug 2018

  • International Broadcasters Game Day Coverage, Superbowl Coverage, NFL Films, Dir. Emily Leitner, Feb 2018

  • A Football Life- Cris Collinsworth, NFL Films, Superbowl Coverage, Dir. Emily Leitner, Feb 2018

  • ThomaHawk Podcast on Uninterrupted, Player Interviews, Superbowl Coverage, Dir. Tunde St. Matthew-Daniel,  Feb 2018

  • General Mills, Dark Side Mom National Commercial, Committee Films, Dir. Todd Grabe, Sept 2017

  • ESPN Sports Center Promo for Superbowl 2018, DFLA Films, Dir. Daniel Galindo, Sept 2017

  • Minnesota State Lottery Commercial #OnlyinMN, Committee Films, Dir. Todd Grabe, April 2017

  • In An Instant Season 3, ABC, Committee Films, April 2017

  • Office PA for Mypillow Infomercial, Purple Tally Productions, Ruby Pix World Wide LLC, Dir. Joe Brandmeier, July 2016

  • US Bank, Commercial, Lotus Pictures, Producer: Simmi Singh, July 2016

  • Inspire.World, Commercial,  Mallbooster LLC, Dir. John Burgess, July 2016

  • Slate by Acco, National Commercial and BTS Video for Distribution, Limbo Films, June 2016

  • Gannett High School Sports Awards, St Cloud MN, Hype Agency, June 2016

  • Grand Casino: Date Night Commercial, Orange Filmworks, June 2016

  • General Mills Box Top for Education w/ Dave Coulier, National Commercial, A2F Pictures, Dir. James Rautmann, May 2016

  • Preparation H, National Commercial, Dapper TV, Dir. Damien Toogood, May 2016

  • General Mills Box Top for Education w/ Alyson Hannigan, National Commercial, A2F Pictures, Dir. James Rautmann, May 2016

  • Champs Sports, National Commercial, AllDayEveryDay, Dir. Alex Richanbach, Nov 2015

  • In An Instant Season 2, ABC, Committee Films, Aug-Oct 2015

  • Dancing With The Stars, Season 21 Episode 5 (BTS with Paula Deen), ABC, BBC World Wide Productions, Sept 2015

  • Master Chef Season 7 Minneapolis Open Call, Food Network, Berkeley Productions Inc, Aug 2015

  • Bath Crashers Season 12, HGTV, Scott Brothers Entertainment, July 2015-present

  • Cheerios Gluten Free, National Commercial, AeroFilm, Dir. Peter Moore Smith, May 2015

  • Home Invasion (set of Bath Crashers), HGTV, Scott Brothers Entertainment, May 2015

  • Relocated Season 1, Travel Channel, KargaSeven Pictures, May 2015

  • Studio Luma, Educational Interactive Video, Broadview Media, Oct 2014- April 2015 (on-call)

  • 1000 Years, The Gaslight Anthem, Music Video, Monkey Business Productions, Oct 2014

  • Best Bars in America Season 2, Esquire Network, D&J Productions Inc, Oct 2014

  • American Idol Season 14 Auditions: Mpls, American Idol Productions, Aug-Sept 2014

  • The Help Episode 102, Bray Entertainment, Dir. Geoffrey Lind, April 2014

  • Indian Motorcycle Special on American Pickers, History Channel, Big Machine Design, July 2013

  • Wheaties Run, General Mills, Facebook Page Material, Rikshaw Films, Feb 2013

  • Minnesota Episode for Dance Moms, Collins Avenue Productions, Jan 2013

  • Tailgating Shoot for Travel Channel (Vikings special), Sharp Entertainment, Dec 2012


Production Assistant For Independent Film:

  • Build Yourself A Birthday Party, Music Video, Grey Duck Productions, Dir. Jason Schumacher, April 2019

  • Code Green, Short Film, Dir. Cynthia Uhrich, Nov 2016

  • Don't Blow It, Feature Film, Director Brent Duncan, Aug 2015

  • Savage Sentinels, Web series, Feral Child Films, Director Peter West, June 2015

  • Twin Cities Feature Film, Feature Film, Director David Ash, May-June 2015

  • Elephant Stomp, Feature Film, Steep Hill Films, Dir. Sonny Sonesa, Aug 2013

  • Stay Then Go, Feature Film, Ah Light Productions, Dir. Shelli Ainsworth, August 2012


Set Dresser - Wardrobe Dept. (Independent Film):

  • Miles Between Us, Feature Film, iiFilms, Director Andrew Hunt, July-Aug 2015

  • The Current, Feature Film, iiFilms, Director Nikita Zubarev, June-Aug 2012


Casting Assistant (Independent Film):

  • The Cruise, Short Film, Snippet Edits, Dir. Richard Louprasong, Aug 2019

  • The Fence and The Fox, Feature Film, Propellant Films, Dir. Matt Osterman, May-Aug 2019

  • This Is Home, Short Film, Grey Duck Productions, Dir. James Schumacher, Aug 2016

  • Miles Between Us, Feature Film, ii Films, Dir. Andrew Hunt, May 2015

  • Don’t Blow It, Feature Film, Steep Hill Productions, Dir. Brent Duncan, May 2015

  • Star Wars: The Recompense(Fan Film), TruHaven Studio, Dir. Ben Enke, March 2015

  • Solitude, PhyloFilms, Dirs. Taylor Olson and Livingston Oden, February 2013

  • Superhuman 2.0, Web series, Enke Films, Dir. Ben Enke, January 2013


Other Production Experience:

  • Tour Manager: Mazda Ride & Drives Nationwide Auto Shows, 3rd Year Manager/5th Year on Team, DriveShop, 2014-present

  • Improv Show Coordinator for the Battle of the Improv All-Stars at the Twin Cities Actors Expo (April 2016)

  • Production Designer, Miles Between Us, Feature Film, iiFilms, July-Aug 2015

  • Volunteer for Twin Cities Film Fest as an Usher, Brand Ambassador, and Registration for 2014 and 2015

  • Production Designer, The Current, Feature Film, iiFilms, June-Aug 2012

  • Set Decorator, Web Series, Dir. Mark Campbell, June 2012

  • Teaching Assistant, Acting for the Camera, Shirley Vernard, UMN Jan-May 2012


Other Skills:

  • Owns and operates with Movie Magic and Showbiz Budgeting

  • Well versed in SAG and AEA rules and paperwork including for children

  • Social Networking: Twitter and Facebook, Instagram

  • Valid and current drivers license, DOT, and passport

  • Conversational ASL



On set for The Gaslight Anthem music video 1000 Years
On set of Miles Between Us, pictured with Andrew Hunt
Working in Minnesota means I can brave ALL conditions and know how to layer!
Working Twin Cities Film Fest 2015, pictured with Lee Henry Jordan

Set PA's for In An Instant, Season 2, Comittee Films

Danny's Game

AD Dept for "The Harbinger"

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