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Ongoing Roles

Red Carpet Producer, Social Media/Promotions Manager, Twin Cities Film Fest, April 2016-present


Admin for Brand Ambassadors of Minnesota, Colorado, Minneapolis and North Dakota pages on Facebook

Stagehand (AV Setup/Teardown, Truck Driving) for Avex, June 2019-present


Briana is a full time professional in the film production community in Minneapolis. She is passionate, personable, and has some experience in every department (so she respects them all equally). Briana feels most comfortable and happy in the AD department, but has found that her abilities naturally translate to production coordinating as well. Briana prides herself on running a happy set with no yelling, no running and no safety hazards all while still wrapping timely and commanding the respect of the crew. She adheres to union rules for both crew and actors regardless of the production status, because she believes those rules are there for a reason and all working artists deserve the same respect. Briana believes you get peoples best work when they feel valued so she doesn’t allow any bad vibes on her set. She is detail orientated and always thinking about the future and "plan b". Briana is well versed in SAG paperwork and rules; including those involving children actors. Briana works with Movie Magic and is very computer savvy.

Briana also has done brand representation work since she was sixteen and won “Brand Ambassador of the Month” from Oxford Marketing in August 2018 for her work on their summer activations. Briana is currently in her fourth year as a tour manager for the Mazda Ride and Drive activation at auto shows nationally and she was on the team for two years before this as an in vehicle host.  Briana has also toured 17 cities in 2 months for the launch of the new Mazda Miata in 2016 where the team showcased the “Millionth Miata”. She loves working high profile activations (she has worked the Superbowl for Visa and Papa Johns and MLB All Star Week) like concerts, festivals, tradeshows, fairs, and sporting events. Briana is extremely strong for her size and prides herself on setup and teardown. She treats every consumer like the client and her energy never wavers. Briana is always professional, friendly, easy going and looking for ways to do more.

Briana Rose Lee attended the MacDuffie School and Cathedral High School in her hometown of Springfield, Massachusetts. She then attended Carnegie Mellon University as a Directing major but had the opportunity to attend The ScholarShip and spent six months circumnavigating the globe aboard a ship studying the arts and culture in each of the twelve countries visited. After the incredible voyage, Briana transferred and graduated with a BA in Theatre Arts and a minor in Communications from the University of Minnesota.

Briana also works at the Twin Cities Film Fest year round running their social media, assisting with red carpet events and helping to make the promotional marketing plan. This girl doesn't quit and likes to stay booked. She puts her all into every project she gets her hands on. As an actress, she is super easy to work with and takes direction well. As someone who works both in front of and behind the camera, she understands the importance of listening, finding her light and maintaining a good attitude. She loves working in horror and comedy. Briana's energy is contagious and she isn't afraid to get her hands a little dirty with hard work in collaboration with artists who share the same joy of purpose. Briana is always looking to travel and has a valid Passport and Drivers License. She also has a DOT and is comfortable driving larger vehicles for long roadtrips.

Fun facts:

Briana watches one episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer every morning while she gets ready

Briana is an alumna of Kappa Alpha Theta, Upsilon Chapter

Briana's favorite genres are horror, comedy, superhero/supernatural and teen dramas

Briana is a left-handed Ravenclaw Aquarius who loves her cat Tinkerbelle

Usher and Brand Ambassador at Twin Cities Film Fest 2014

Product Specialist, Millionth MX-5 Miata Celebration Tour, Driveshop, Aug-Oct 2016
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